Luxe Coral

Luxe Coral

An effective paint conditioning package with stunning wet mirror reflections and deep shine. Recommended every 6 months to keep protect your beloved car from harmful UV rays by best of Paint sealants.

Package Includes :

  • Luxe Premium Wash & Wax.
  • 1-Stage Paintwork correction process (removes light swirl marks).
  • IPA wipe down to ensure all oils are removed from the polishing processes.
  • Top of line Paint sealant coating prior to premium wax by hand application to protection from harmful UV rays and for deep gloss.
  • Exterior windows and mirrors machine polished and cleaned with dedicated glass cleaner.
  • Rims polished and protected with sealants.
  • Head and tail lights machine polishing.

Estimated Time : 1 day.

Cost :

Hatch: Rs 10,000.

Sedan : Rs 15,000.

SUV / Large Luxury : Rs 20,000.


*Leather Coating starts from Rs. 8,000.

*Window Coating starts from Rs. 5,000.

*Plastic and Vinyl Coatings starts from Rs. 6,000.