Luxe Wash & Wax

Luxe Wash & Wax

The safest way to get your car wash & wax, using only the finest products available and our very own 8 stages of preparation. A meticulous and time consuming wash & wax for the detailing connoisseur. This service is recommended for well-maintained vehicles only.

Kindly before coming take an appointment.

Package includes:

  • Soft pH-neutral car soap wash with filtered water.
  • Hand-dried using microfiber based specialized water absorbents without scratching the paint.
  • Exterior wax.
  • Quick interior vacuum cleaning and interior dressing.
  • Tires and wheel wells cleaned with pressurized water and soap.
  • Windows and mirrors cleaned with glass cleaner.
  • Tires cleaned and conditioned with water based tire gel.

Estimated Time: 1-2 hours.

Cost :

Small Hatch: Rs. 1,500.

Sedan: Rs. 2,000.

SUV / Luxury: Rs. 3,000.